Our strengths: precision and speed in sand casting and permanent mold casting

Karl Kaldenberg develops and produces parts in sand casting and permanent mold casting. Cores manufactured differently can be used for both processing methods. With the aid of state-of-the-art CNC machines, we process and finish all parts and deliver them to our customers ready to install.

Thanks to our quality management system we can guarantee the premium quality of our products. We offer prompt order management and reliable on-time delivery.

Sand casting

Sand casting – a highly flexible processing method

Sand casting offers great independence where construction is concerned – the partial geometries can be designed in a very complex fashion. Another advantage is the relatively low cost of sand casting models.

We process copper, gunmetal, bronze, brass and high-strength brass, aluminum bronze, zinc and all customary aluminum alloys – by hand for individual parts, and with machines using sample plates for small or large series.

Permanent mold casting

Permanent mold casting – utmost precision and superior properties

Due to the high caloric conductibility of the permanent metal molds, the solidified molten mass cools significantly faster than does the sand mold. With an identical casting process and less processing efforts, the result is a proportionately finely grained texture that is impermeable to gases and liquids and has outstanding mechanical properties. Permanent mold casting is characterized by high dimensional accuracy, outstanding quality of surfaces and good contour reproduction. Due to these premium properties, permanent mold casting parts are used in virtually all industrial sectors.

At Karl Kaldenberg, all customary aluminum alloys as well as brass, high-strength brass and zinc alloys are processed in permanent molds. In permanent mold casting we work with hand molds or permanent mold casting machines.

Low-pressure gravity die casting

Low-pressure gravity die casting – for special applications

Low-pressure gravity die casting is a variant of gravity die casting and has proven to be highly successful for the casting of light metal. In addition to having exceptional stability and tensile strength, light-metal cast parts exhibit high pressure sealing and can be welded easily. The melting mass itself remains pure because it does not come into contact with the environment. We use this process exclusively in our manufacturing of parts cast from aluminum.