Customized cast parts from our metal foundry – from the model to new developments

At Karl Kaldenberg we have a highly professional team to assist you in the development of your products. We provide you with consultation services at all stages of your project, from the initial concept, through the development of the perfect solution jointly with you. Then we implement those plans within a competitive timeframe – precisely, effectively and economically.

Customized production
In sand casting and permanent mold casting we produce cast parts based on models, plans, drafts, drawings or 3D data in optimal alloys and with finishings that meet your requirements.

Conception and development of new cast parts
Do you know the function your cast part has to serve but not what it should look like? Contact us! We will support you during the planning phase of your project and help you create prototype for new high-quality products that meet your needs as to function and profitability. You will benefit from our all-encompassing expertise when it comes to consultation regarding production materials, production processes and finishing.

Products will be fabricated in small or large series or individually and with existing tools and means of production, if possible. Up to a specific size, Karl Kaldenberg delivers the required cast parts in sand casting and permanent mold casting in virtually all aluminum and copper alloys.

Anodized esthetics
Karl Kaldenberg is one of the few metal foundries to produce sand cast parts with decorative anodized surfaces.

Contact us!
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and consult with you personally concerning the design and production of cast parts.