Committed to upholding more than 80 years of tradition in sand casting and permanent mold casting

Karl Kaldenberg stands for premium sand and permanent mold casting parts from all aluminum and copper master alloys. Our 5000 sq.m. of production space is continually being modernized to guarantee our customers benefit from our application of the latest innovative technical resources.

More than 80 years of experience in sand casting and permanent mold casting and utmost diligence mark our work. We prepare your assignments for production by means of a sophisticated planning system. We comply with your specifications in accordance with your needs and with great flexibility – from production planning to manufacturing and finishing. Upon mechanical processing and finishing we deliver your cast parts ready to install according to your needs.

If required, our experts will develop new cast parts jointly with you and then produce the molds in our workshops. This method enables us to attain high-precision end products in sand casting and permanent mold casting that allow for optimal profitability – for customers from virtually all industrial sectors.

With its express willingness to innovate, broad portfolio of services and consistently customer-oriented approach, Karl Kaldenberg has gained a leading position in the sand and permanent mold casting markets and serves virtually all industrial sectors.