Quality assurance from A to Z in our metal foundry

For more than 80 years, Karl Kaldenberg has focused on one thing – quality assurance. We achieve this objective by continuously optimizing our production processes, modernizing our systems, providing our staff with specific training and we consistently monitor our costs to keep them down.

In order to do so, we rely on our quality management system to oversee our operations and all other company processes. Flawless quality of our sand casting and permanent mold casting end products is ensured through the conscientious use of a large number of control procedures. In addition to our production capabilities we offer our customers professional project management, flexible delivery times and we guarantee adherence to established delivery dates.

The quality management system applied by Karl Kaldenberg has been certified by the German Association for Certification of Management Systems (DQS) pursuant to ISO 9001:2015

Quality management

Systemized quality management applied by our metal foundry

At Karl Kaldenberg, we base our planning, controlling and monitoring of central company processes on a quality management system optimized for our industry. Our system ensures transparency and safety where the economic, ecologic and social responsibilities of our metal foundry for sand and permanent mold casting are concerned.

We diligently control all work processes in sand casting and permanent mold casting to attain optimum results that meet the demands of modern customers as to precision and reliability. Moreover, we ensure the high quality of our cast parts by applying a number of control procedures such as conducting spectral analyses and hardness tests pursuant to Brinell, measuring electric conductivity and testing mechanical properties in a targeted manner as well as using specialized devices to conduct further measuring and gauging procedures. 


The products we manufacture are visible proof of our metal foundry’s quality

The quality management system in place at our metal foundry has been assessed and certified by the German Association for Certification of Management Systems (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen, DQS). DQS certification is unbiased proof of the quality of the Karl Kaldenberg metal foundry and of our products made in sand casting and permanent mold casting.

Certification (PDF)