Family-owned, Karl Kaldenberg is currently managed by the third generation

Established as sand casting site for yellow metal, Karl Kaldenberg closed during the war and took up operations again in 1945 as sand casting site for copper and light-metal alloys. Since relocating to the current Heiligenhaus site in 1966, the foundry has been extended and modernized continually. 

More than 80 years of expertise
As an experienced metal foundry and a specialist in sand casting and permanent mold casting, Karl Kaldenberg today offers a broad portfolio of expertise. For many years we have been an expert partner to the industrial sector, producing cast parts that meet the highest requirements as to precision and profitability – in aluminum casting, brass casting, bronze casting, copper casting, gunmetal casting and high-strength brass, aluminum bronze, silicon tombac and other alloys. Our customers rely on our consistently client-oriented approach – from initial concept to end product ready for installation.


Maintaining authenticity and keeping up values over generations – the specialist in sand casting and permanent mold casting

More than 60 experienced and committed staff members throughout our site ensure that our metal foundry for sand casting and permanent mold casting produces only high precision, premium products. Our staff members focus on maintaining excellent long-term partnership relations with you, our valued customers. Generating more than eight million euros in revenues, our more than 100 active customers from diverse industrial sectors trust us and rely on our expertise. They know we are diligent in our production of quality sand and permanent mold casting parts



Karl Kaldenberg – Company Milestones

1930 The company is founded by Karl Kaldenberg as a sand casting site for yellow-metal casting
1959Founder Karl Kaldenberg dies
until 1963Elisabeth Kaldenberg manages the company
1963Karl Hans-Peter Kaldenberg assumes management of the company
1965Relocation to the current Heiligenhaus site which at the time consisted of approximately 600 sq.m. of production space
1980Addition of approximately 700 sq.m. of production space for permanent mold casting
2008Karl Joachim Stephan Kaldenberg assumes management of the company

The production area has been continuously expanded until today it measures more than 5000 sq.m. For production, we use only cutting-edge technical resources in accordance with a certified quality management system.

Our vision

Our company’s history has characterized and shaped us and has provided us with our inspiration for the future – in more ways than merely sand casting and permanent mold casting

Karl Kaldenberg looks back on more than 80 year of company history. Previous generations have successfully continued our sand casting house despite war-related closure – and we are still riding the wave of success. Thanks to their courageous investments and innovative developments, Karl Kaldenberg today is one of the leading sand casting and permanent mold casting producers – with customers from virtually all industrial sectors.

The continuation of our metal foundry – pursuing the goals of founder Karl Kaldenberg – demonstrates our appreciation of our predecessors. Supported by our staff, and with great personal commitment, we will continue to strive to develop our professional expertise in accordance with the market’s requirements and with the future in mind. We will continue to modernize our production site using state-of-the-art technology to further strengthen our position in the industry and to contribute to the initiation of new developments in sand casting and permanent mold casting at the top end of the market.